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The "House of Thrills"

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As many of you now know we are working with the Little Guys program and former Major League Player and Manager, Bill Virdon on improving and expanding the Barnhouse Field complex on west Sunshine.

The ultimate goal of the project is to raise funds that will help with the construction of a second, retro-themed ballpark on the site just to the east of the existing field.

Forbes Field in Pittsburgh was the home to most of Mr. Virdon's playing career and was dubbed the original "House of Thrills" for the myriad of odd bounces balls took in the infield there over nearly 70 years.  The most famous of which may be the one hit by Bill Virdon in the 7th game of the 1960 World Series against the New York Yankees.  We hope if and when completed, this park will serve as a house of thrills for Springfield Metro players for many years.


  Above is the first preliminary sketch of the park.  You will notice a number of features that will make the park unique, including a fenced-in, left field warm-up/bullpen area, a large retro scoreboard and clock, and a "monster" like wall in right with a small notch in the corner.  The other small area in left center will house bleachers where you can watch the game basically on-field. 

Further designs will include a gate area reminiscent of Forbes Field along with a "hall" area with highlights of Bill Virdon's playing and managing career and also a set of dedications to MLB players born in Springfield.

The only way this project becomes reality is through donations and support of the Little Guys' non-profit Bingo nights on Wednesdays and Sundays at the Legion building on the property.  If you know bingo enthusiasts let them know about the games there.  If you know potential donors, have them contact Rob or Travis or direct them to the "Virdon Field Project" at Oak Star Bank.