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Web Gem Winners
Fall 2017

Here we will honor the outstanding defensive plays made in the fall league this year.  Players are presented with a small trophy recognizing their fine play at the ballpark the following game.

9/6 Jacoby Mast, Hotrods...for making a backpeddling catch as shortstop and then throwing a strike to home to double up runner trying to score.
9/9 Keagan Buscho, Rubberducks...for catching a foul pop while catching and then doubling a runner off of first.
9/10 Josh Fisher, Rivercats...for spearing a comeback liner to the mound and doubling a runner off base.
Cade Horning, Dragons...for making a nice catch of a long fly to centerfield.
9/13 Hunter Stewart, Pelicans...for making a difficult backhand pickup of a one hop throw in the dirt at 1B.
9/15 Trenton Zarechi, Hooks...for deflecting a liner back to the mound and then running down the ball to barely get the runner at first.
9/22 Jon Clark, Dragons...for making a nice backhanded stop of a bouncer in the hole at second and throwing out the runner at first.
9/22 John Keeter, Rubberducks...for snaring a liner at shortstop and nearly doubling a runner off third.
9/23 Billy Wade, Rockhounds...for fielding a difficult chopper at third and making a long accurate throw to retire the runner.
9/23 Tanner Love, Dragons... for fielding a hard grounder at third and making a double play by forcing the runner at third and throwing across to get the runner at first.
9/23 Cody Byerly, Pelicans...for making a charging pick up a short hop and retiring a runner from shortstop.
10/6 Trevor Salander, Pelicans...for starting a 6-3 Triple play on the line drive to shortstop.
10/6 Cody Byerly, Pelicans...a rare second award for a backhanded stab of a liner headed into centerfield at second base and turning subsequent double play.
10/7 Caden Wyatt, Rubberducks...for making a nice running catch of a short pop in front of the second base bag from shortstop.
10/7 Montana Sade, Scrappers...for making a nice pick up of a grounder up the middle and turning a 6-3 Double Play.
10/8 Dylan Snider, Rockhounds...for making a nice charging pick up at short and retiring a runner at first.
10/8 Tyler Frey, Chihuahuas...for spearing a sharp liner back to the side of the mound and doubling off a runner at first.
10/14 Christian Page, Rubberducks...for making a catch of a long fly in leftfield battling a stiff wind.
10/14 Josh Fisher, Rivercats...for maybe the play of the fall thus far, a diving catch into foul territory at first base.  Another rare second award.
10/19 Andrew Dedmon, Volcanoes...for making a long running catch of a fly in centerfield.
10/19 Zach Hoffeditz, Hotrods...for making an equally long running catch of a fly in right field.