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 December Contest 2017

Starting December 1st, players can submit a guess every day from the "contact us" link on the website at our Mystery Number.  For each day the player gets the number correct they will be able to save $5 on summer fees for 2018.  You can guess every day for the month so you can save as much as $155.  The number is between 1 and 100 and will not change all month.  For the first six days you are shooting in the dark, but a clue will be given on each of the four dates listed below to narrow your guesses down.  Remember if you think you are on the right number to stay on it since you get $5 for every day you submit the right number.  You can only submit one guess per day and guesses are date and time stamped by the website.  First clue will go up on December 7th on this page and you can start guessing on the First.  Good Luck!!! (within reason)

Clue #1: Only Surpassed Twice
Clue #2: The late PG's second trip
Clue #3: Coming 12/21
Clue #4:
Coming 12/28

**contest is strictly for summer Metro players in 2018