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 Officially on the Horizon....

The SUNSET League

In 2018, for the first time ex-players of Springfield Metro Baseball will be allowed to sign up for a limited schedule summer league for players 18 and over.

The league will play a nine game schedule of six inning games running weekly parallel to the summer season of the Majors and Senior leagues.

Only players who played in the Springfield Metro SUMMER league as either 18 or 19 year-olds will be eligible to register.  Ex-players will be contacted in a separate registration period late winter or early spring.
There will be only 24 spots open and if there are any vacancies they will be made available at the same cost to current 18 & 19 year-old players in the Senior league as a way to play an additional nine games.  Players may NOT choose to play in the Sunset league over the Seniors.  

Players will get a jersey, cap, and socks at a reduced cost currently estimated at around $100 for the summer and all fees must be paid up front to reserve a spot.  The league will be wood bats only like the other leagues and most games will be scheduled on Saturday or Sunday nights.  The two teams will also participate in the recently expanded Derby weekend.  The first two teams will be from the 1990's: 
                                             Florida Marlins vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Former and current Metro coaches will be involved to make sure playing rules are enforced and games stay organized.  All current Senior league players will be available as call-ups if teams run short of nine players for a game.  

If you are an ex-player and want to check your eligibility, reserve a spot, or ask a question, call Rob at 833-8788.

More info will come soon.....