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 Power Derby 2019
*sponsored by Express Press and the Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation

Individual Derby Results:

Majors: 1st Place: Tristin Deckard, Angels
2nd Place: Vince Hicks, Angels

Seniors: 1st Place: Johnny Ryan, Cubs
2nd Place: Zack Claussen, Senators

Sen/Maj Players Derby Cup Team:
Tristin Deckard, Vince Hicks (Angels)   Brady O'Neil, Zach Claussen (Senators)
Johnny Ryan (Cubs)   Dakoda Jackson, Trever Salander, Sean Evans (Phillies)
Andrew Eisenhour, Devin Greist (Browns)   Billy Wade (Yankees)

Derby Cup Results:

Game 1: Terrapins 4   Rebels 2

Game 2: Senior/Sunset Coaches 2   Majors Coaches 0

Game 3: Senior/Majors Players 7   Whales 0

Derby Cup 2019: It is year three for the Derby Cup and yet another team enters the mix.  Last year the Sunset Marlins took the Cup by shutting out their Sunset rival
Devil Rays and then scraping by the current player team before beating the Majors coaches in the final.  The Majors coaches won the Cup in 2017.  The current player team is made up of the quarterfinalists of the Senior Power Derby and the two finalists of the Majors Derby.  This year with a third team in the Sunset league, there are six teams vying for the Cup.  The Senior coaches will try to beat the Majors coaches for the first time in the coaches game to advance to the final.  The Sunset teams are split so that Mr. Davidson's team, the Whales, will play the current player team since he coached the Marlins last year.  The Rebels and Terrapins will play eachother to open and then move on to play the winner of the other game before moving on to the final against the winning coaches team.

Derby games are 9 innings and only take about an hour as the games are a combination of a ball game and hitting contest.  There is no baserunning and teams pitch to their own batters.  Seven players play defense in an attempt to stop balls from advancing to become "hits".  Grounders that reach the outfield grass are singles, balls that reach the grass on a fly are doubles,  any that hit the outfield fence are triples and home runs clear the fence (even on a bounce).  Batters get one swing and any swing and miss, foul ball, or ball that fails to score a "hit" is an out.  Games are fast, fun and everyone is looking forward to trying to win the Cup this year!