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 2021 Season Preview

It will be season 15 for Metro baseball after a bizarre, but fully successful 2020.  In spite of all the craziness in the world, every single summer and fall game was played as promised and as usual we had plenty of exciting, balanced competition in all three of our divisions.  With hopes that 2021 will be a little more normal, we are prepared to lead in the fight to give any interested young players somewhere they are guaranteed to get their share of safe, fun, and Necessary activity.
     We will once again take each division back into the past to a time when baseball, much less life, was simpler and better.  The league as always is open registration to players of all backgrounds and means on a first come/first serve basis.  Registration information goes out by mail in January and will continue until the draft or until divisions are full.  You can also get registration info by email if you want.  

Teams are drafted in mid-April and practice until the season begins in mid-May and games continue until the end of July.  Teams play an 18 to 20 game schedule at the Barnhouse and Optimist fields in Springfield. 
All games are Wood Bats Only.

The 15 & under Majors division is for players 11 to 15 years-old on 5/1/21 (with some exceptions).  This year the Majors will visit the 1950's with teams like...
                           Brooklyn Dodgers(Wagner/Zielke), Cincinnati Reds(O'Neill/Russell),  
                                               New York Yankees(Barnes/Govero),                                
                    Chicago White Sox(Lanham/Brayman), St. Louis Cardinals(Walker/Walton)

The 19 & under Senior division is for players 14 to 19 years-old on 5/1/21.  This year the Seniors will visit the decade of 1900 to 1909 with original MLB teams like...
                             Washington Senators(Twigg/Evans), Milwaukee Brewers(Wade),
                        Baltimore Orioles(Smith/Weimer/Bryson), Chicago Cubs(Ginocchio/Sillavan),
                           Pittsburgh Pirates(Salley)Philadelphia Phillies(Brayman/Lanham)

The 18+ Sunset league is likely to expand to four teams in 2021 and is closed registration for players who have come through Metro baseball in our Senior division (with rare exceptions)  They play a 10 game schedule on weekend evenings.  This year they will visit the 1980's using the following teams....
                  The Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics, and Minnesota Twins.

                                  In May we will have our Opening Ceremony with MLB guests.

                             We will also have family members of some of the greatest MLB Hall of Fame 
                                           players as Honorary Commissioners to the league.
                                   During the season we will continue to teach and promote baseball history
                                                   on our website and at the ballpark.

                                    More Details will be posted as we get closer to the season. 

Call or use the contact us link above to get on our mailing list and plan on playing baseball with us this year!!!

  Call Rob at 417-833-8788 or text to 417-771-6148