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            Welcome to my home page. Here you’ll find news about my latest releases and book signings as well as links to my poetry, blog, and book store. Come back and visit often.
 About the author: 
          She is anything but ordinary. Although she has only been writing for the last several years, Sandra has already won several contests for her poems, has had one of her short stories chosen to be performed at The Pensacola Little Theater after Hurricane Ivan, was once invited to read at a poet’s convention in Washington, D.C., and is a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature.   Sandra believes that she inherited her writing skills from her grandmother and father, who were also published writers.  

          Prior to writing, Sandra graduated Pensacola Junior College with an education in nursing. She worked in a variety of fields, but retired to care for her mother who has Alzheimer’s. Writing started out as a means of relaxation, a way to temporarily escape the difficult times. Soon, however, her talent became recognized, and her star began to rise. Sandra will be the first one to tell you that she’s had a lot of help along the way. Friends, family (especially her husband), and fellow writers have seen her passion for writing and have coached, mentored, and encouraged her from day one. She says it was her determination to finish what she starts, and her husband Bo’s instigation that got her poetry published in a book at a very early stage in her writing. Then came the second book of poetry combined with short stories. Now, her first novel has been published and all indications are that there will be plenty of demand for more.

          Sandra Hoynacki is currently published on the following ezines: 
          She is a poet, a novelist, and an author, but if you ask her what title she prefers, Sandra Hoynacki will say, “Writer.” That sums it up perfectly, and what a writer she is!

On Call is the long-awaited first novel of Sandra Hoynacki. Excerpts were previewed by a fellow writer and dear friend in the UK, who said, “It is a thriller…you won’t want to put it down…I was riveted all the way through.” You’ll begin to wonder if it could happen in your town.

Price: $15.00

Riveting, sizzling, action packed; On Call by Sandra Hoynacki is a thriller you will not want to put down. The book is written as the recollections of a young nurse who gets herself involved in a sinister plan that takes on epic proportions. What started out as a dare between Jenny, the heroine, and her sidekick, Kathy who were just trying to make some extra money, turns out to be the beginning of their demise. These two young nurses from a sleepy little town in Cali

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As former administrative assistant to the
manager of Siegfried & Roy and Muhammad Ali,
among others, I have learned to recognize true
talent.  You are definitely a talented
storyteller and writer.  On Call is
suspenseful, shocking, funny at times, and a
work that you want to keep reading and never
put down.  I urge you to continue using your
talent.  The world loves a good story, and On
Call delivers that in a big way.

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Being an avid fan of all that you write, I found
"on Call" to be fast paced, well written and
yes, interesting too!! Your book writing is as
well done as your poetry and your short
stories.  I remain your constant admirer!
Harley Sutton (Pupwee)

Hi Sandra,

Congratulations!!!!  On Call was EXTREME!!!!!
My sister @ RAM/MCCORMICK gave me my
autographed copy.  Thank you!!  Without giving
it up--I think the sequel should recap with
Maggie, and walk us through the two years.
Thanks again, excellent reading I finished it
on Jan 3, 2010.  Once again thank you D-II