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Lamp fragrance for Fragrance lamps. 

We provide the best quality Lamp fragrance and lamp fuel.  Select from dozens of fragrances using the best essential oils and other fragrances.

Fragrances are in limited stock.  If we don't carry the fragrance you want, you can order fragrances from one of the following providers.

16 oz Lamp Fragrance Refill.

Our fragrance perfumes at the rate of approximately one ounce per hour, therefore if you desire two hours of perfuming, pour only two ounces into your lamp. Never fill more than half full. When you are done perfuming for the day, if there is still fragrance in the lamp, we recommend returning the unused fragrance to its original container for safe storage. We recommend that you allow the lamp to perfume until there is no fragrance left in the lamp; doing so will prolong the life of your stone. 


Lamp Fragrance Descriptions.

Name Description
Freesia Clumsy white petals of lazy lily rest upon beautiful, vibrant freesia. This blooming beauty captures your heart.
Sea Glass Fresh, water accords pervade the top as beautiful, floral notes come to full bloom. The clean scent of ozone carries the freshness throughout this splash of nature.
Exotic Rich Almond and Warm Vanilla Ban blends this appealing scent.
Summer Slices Fresh from the garden cucumber perfectly blended with juicy honeydew slices. A fresh, sweet fragrance reminiscent of sunny summer days.
Gardenia Notes of pretty gardenia are seduced with a tease of rose and softened with tender orchid in an exceptionally beautiful blossom.
Sandalwood Fragrant grains of sandalwood are polished with the sweetness of balsamic richness. Enchanting notes of deep mahogany lie in the heart of these precious woods.
Eucalyptus It's the true aroma of eucalyptus tree and its crisp leaves. Clean & fresh enough to clean your sinuses while relaxing your soul. Truly therapeutic.
Gingerbread Spice Cake Fresh out of the oven, comforting aromas of warm cinnamon & ginger swirled with drops of golden butter make this a delicious baked treat.
Cinnamon Apple Delightfully crisp notes of fresh bayberry and pine come together with delicious warm apple swirls. Spices of cinnamon and clove top off this holiday favorite.
Snowberry Pine with some berries and a little bit of spice.
Green Apple A tempting treat from Mother Nature encapsulates crisp, white juices inside its waxed, ruby shell. Green, peely notes subtly soften the pervading sweetness of this mouthwatering deliciousness.
Mediterranean Fig A sophisticated fragrance of sun-baked Italian fig, woody notes, and tree moss. Crisp marine breezes combine with hints of beautiful lily and juicy melon. Capped off with just of touch of sensual musk, this earthy fig fragrance is sure to captivate your soul.
Big Easy Take a little orange, apple, cinnamon and throw in some musk with leafy green nuances and you have a New Orleans' celebration.
Master Bedroom Sparkling citrus accords mingle with petals of gorgeous red roses. A floral bouquet blossoms with hints of fresh berries as warming notes of woods and sweet musk linger beneath. An absolutely beautiful blend of flowers & fruit.
Lavender Extravagant lavender is the shining star of this stunning blend. The herbaceous heart is warmed with a touch of camphor and complimented with soft floral notes. Sweet and woody notes enhance this sophisticated flower.
Pomegranate Precious pomegranate seeds permeate this exotic citrus scent. Crisp and complex, this fruit is sure to awaken your senses.
Leafy Stroll Cinnamon leaf & mandarin, jasmine, lavender & carnations, amber, musk, precious woods, and vanilla.
Rise & Shine Apple peels, grenadine, melon, fresh green notes, raspberry seeds, vanilla.
Butterfly Cassis, melon, rose, freesia, jasmine, driftwood, and musk.
Tropical Sunset Fresh papaya, juicy mango, plumeria, jasmine.
Starry Nights Champagne grapes, peach citrus and white plums; rose, jasmine, magnolia, violet; sweet musk and creamy vanilla.
Clean & Fresh Crisp, billowing breezes carry refreshing notes of newly cleansed linens. Fresh and crisp, this fragrance signals springtime has arrived.
Gingered Patchouli A warm blend of patchouli, amber, clove and musk. Hints of spicy ginger complete this earthy treat!
Vanilla White chocolate enhanced by hints of creamy butter, fresh ginger and autumn maple. Irresistibly sweet vanilla teases your taste buds!
Juicy Pear This succulent fragrance is true Juicy Pear
English Ivy Trailing English Ivy wraps itself around a bouquet of fresh cut roses, ylang-ylang, fresh lilac and
beautiful jasmine. Fresh green notes & sensual musk complete this enchanting garden wonder.
Orange Lemongrass The mouth-watering scent of sweet fresh-picked oranges combined with grassy undertones of earthy lemongrass. A heavenly citrus combo sure to tantalize the senses!
Neutral Contains odor eliminators without the fragrance. Can also be mixed with other fragrances to soften them.
Papaya & Bamboo Juicy Papaya, Ripe Melon slices, Peach skin, and Spiced Woods. Let these Fruit Juices, Sweet Floral, and Warming Woods take you away.
Scarlet Roses Fresh crisp green leaves of Roses with apple accords and precious woods.Warming Musk compliments this aroma.
Sugar Plum Vibrant Orange Peels are complimented by Sweet Berry and Juicy Plums. Cinnamon Sticks and Ripened Plum are throughout this accord. Strawberry Seeds, Sugared Cinnamon Shavings and Velvet Plums adds to the finishing touches of this sweet delight.
Sweet Pea A delicate floral bouquet consisting of Peony, Sweet Pea, Rose Petals and hints of bergamot. Vanilla Flower and White Musk completes this sweet floral fantasy.
Bella Luna Green Pine needles and sprinkled Cinnamon create and enticing start. Woody notes and warming spices are in the center of it all. Misty Musk and Wood tones compliments this fragrant affair.
Paradise Sweet fruit juices of ripe strawberries, peach nectar, and red apples are sweetened with subtle notes of creamy vanilla. It's a wonderfully fruity sensation!
Fleur Rouge Fresh squeezed grapefruit and lemon juices are complimented by fresh ozonic accords. Sweeps of bold red currant and rose petals are mingled throughout this fruity floral. Pink roses, currant and cassis notes unite this blend.
Living Room Juices of sweet orange dance on top of gentle jasmine, garden rose and sweetened violet. Subtle touches of warm sandalwood and soothing amber complete this sophisticated fragrant bouquet.
Havana Nights This warm sensual scent opens with vibrant Bergamot & Lemon peel. Orange & Lotus Blossom fill the heart with nuances of Bay Leaf. Lingering notes of Cedarwood & Clove Bud give the finishing touches to this exotic escape.
Creme Brulee Bergamot & Crushed Pralines are infused with Steamed Milk to create the top of this delectable treat. Whipped Caramel & White Chocolate are sprinkled with Natural Allspice that is wrapped in blanket of Soft Heliotrope. Vanilla Orchid & Buttercream create the finishing touches to this true indulgence.
Sula This aromatic blend opens with bursts of Mexican Lime & Southern Valencia smoothed out with hints of Pink Melon. Succulent Plumberry is in captured by the rich floralcy of Green Hyacinth & Magnolia Bloom. Amber Crystals & Clove Bud are covered by Sheer Musk to create warmth in the background.
Southern Magnolia A sweet garden of green Magnolia leaves gathered together with Gardenia and Lily and complimented with sensual musk.
Waterfall A cascading rush of fresh Waters, tranquil Breezes, uplifting Citrus and sweet Amber.
Fresh Breeze A freshening blend of spearmint and frosted lily blended with white jasmine and rose crystals dusted with hints of cinnamon and vanilla musk.