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 4. Flowers in a room add color, cheerfulness and warmth. Realtors and model home designers know the impact of flowers in a room.

 1.  Make a statement when decorating your foyer. Remember it is the first impression your visitors have of your home!  A large eye catching piece that shows a little of your personality will do the job.

2.  Want to brighten up that wall, but don't want to hassle with messy painting? Just add color with an accent piece.  Arrangements, half-filled wall vases, and pictures are all good choices.  Keep your other decor items in mind along with selecting an item proportionate to the height of your ceiling and you won't go wrong.

 3.Accessories are the finishing touches that make your house a home. Their main purpose is to add beauty to your rooms. They add color, design and softness to the interior design.   Accessories include flowers and greenery, accent vases, candles,  sculptures, mirrors, pictures, clocks and a lot more.