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Emergency Blanket

-SPACE ®Brand EMERGENCY BLANKET is about the size of a package of cigarettes, but opens to a 56" (142cm) by 84" (214cm) tough and durable blanket. 

-Manufactured of the finest polyester material and purest vacuum deposited aluminum for the reflective surface, this product has helped to save countless lives, by providing protection from the elements.

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Price: $5.25

Wire Saw
  • The wire saw can cut through wood, metal, plastics, bone and ice with ease
  • Designed for anyone needing a quick-cutting and easy-to-carry outdoor tool 
Price: $5.25

2"x3" Signal Mirror
  • Reflectorized screen
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Instructions printed on back 
Price: $9.95

G.I. Plastic Shovel Cover 
  • For use with Full Size Tri-Fold Shovel
  • Made in USA (YAY!) 
  • Heavy Gage Plastic
  • Snap Closure
  • Slide Locks
  • Olive Drab Only 
Price: $6.50

TriFold Shovel
  • Made of Heavy Duty Forged Steel
  • Folds compactly
  • Extends to 24" 
Price: $14.95

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