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Pick Mattock
  • Made of Heavy Duty Forged Steel
  • Hardwood Handle
  • Blade Edge
  • Note:  my GrandFather and I used one of these for YEARS in the garden on the farm 
Price: $13.75

Pick Mattock Cover
  • Made of Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas 
Price: $4.00

Dark Grey Wool Camp Blanket

  • Dark Grey with Red whipping
  • 50% wool, 50% synthetic
  • First quality 
Price: $12.95

Olive Drab Wool Camp Blanket
  • Olive Drab with O.D. whipping
  • 50% wool, 50% synthetic
  • First quality 
Price: $12.95

Two Gallon Water Bucket
  • Made of heavyweight cotton canvas
  • Comes with padded carrying handles 
Price: $6.95

9-Cup Campfire Coffee Pot
  • Made of aluminum
  • Easy pour spout, side anodized handles
  • Makes 9 cups o' Joe 
Price: $13.45

5-pc Mess Kit
  • Made of heavy gauge aluminum
  • Consists of: skillet, plate, saucepan with lid & plastic cup
  • Pieces nestle compactly 
Price: $13.95

German 2-pc Mess Tray
  • Includes 1 tray with 3 compartments and a fitted cover to keep food warm
  • Unique design keeps prepared food from drying out when cover is used
  • Made of extra heavy duty stainless steel
  • Made to last a lifetime 
Price: $11.95

USGI Mess Kit

This USGI mess kit has remained virtually unchanged in overall design since WWI.  Hence, there is no need to change it.  Anyone who has used it knows its value.  Easy to clean stainless steel, and a compact simple arrangement make this kit convenient to eat from and pack.

Current issue, good condition

Price: $9.95

G.I. Mosquito Bar

Keep the skeeters from carrying you off during the night with this USGI Surplus Mosquito Netting.  Otherwise, you'll look like you've got the measles the next morn!


Surplus issue;
Used and in good condition

includes poles.

Qty: 1

Price: $29.95

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