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New Note on Current Situation
Just want to keep people assured that we are 100% ready to hit the ballfields as soon as we can.  Fortunately since we are not tied to the schools, parks, or any other association and our fields are privately owned, we will have fewer impediments to get us going.  Most uniforms are either done or in process, coaches are all lined up, and schedule is basically ready for any necessary revisions.  Both the Sunset and Seniors are near full but the Majors can use more players.  It will still help if more people can get in their paperwork to help with preparation, but we are as ready as anyone to play baseball.  Most important is to keep word out to other players through facebook and instagram as many other programs may end up shuttering completely for the summer or being unprepared to take the field when we will.
Updates will keep coming.
**Obviously anyone who is ill or ill at ease should stay home until they are
healthy or comfortable to join the group.

**email if you want directions on how to use PayPal for payment

Sign up to Play Baseball!!!
Registration going on NOW!
about a dozen spots left in the Majors
and 5 to 10 in each the Seniors and Sunset

call or email for info or if you want a copy of paperwork
by email

Check out new Facebook page & Instagram

new posts weekly, check it out, spread the word!

Follow the VRFL!!! World Series going on Now!

Tigers win 12-3 in game five of Quaternary Series
See S&S Page for nightly scores and standings
See R&R Page for rules & rosters

Support Bingo on Wednesday & Sunday

5 PM at the Barnhouse Hall each week, lots of cash prizes
anyone 16 & over can play

Help support Little Guys and maintenance of the fields

**call or email for information for the 2020 Season
Rob @ 417-833-8788*
*this line does not take texts, if you want to text, send to 417-771-6148
or use the "contact us" link at the top of the page to send us a message

Springfield, Missouri