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2019 Season Info.
#1 Registration

Paperwork is in the mail now to returning players and others from our mailing list.  Included is a registration form and info on the coming season and 2019 fees.  If you have questions feel free to call or email.  If you know other interested players make sure to have them get in touch asap.  There are 144 spots in the Majors and Seniors and our registration info went out to nearly 200 players already not including all the new players we hear from each Spring. 
early registration bat drawing: the following ten players will be in the drawing for one of three customs bats to be done at an upcoming date: Demster, H. Van Tassel, Eisenhour, Upton, Dillon, Horning, Saiko, B. Smith, Yates, Page
2 Sunset League
I will be contacting Sunset leaguers right after the first of the year to get a rough headcount for the league.  Keep in mind only players who played in the Summer Senior league as 18 or 19 year-olds are eligible to play in the Sunset league.  Players who are 18 or 19 this summer will be offered a chance at any open spots in the Sunset for double-duty.  There is a good chance the Sunset league could expand to a third team in this, its second year.
#3 Registration update 2/10
Unofficial totals going up in both leagues.  Slowly working on contacting players who played summer or fall 2019 to get an idea of rough returning player numbers.  Will start to get up some new ads on some billboards around town later this month as we look to fill any open space.  Keep the word out at schools, especially as tryouts for some school teams start up in late February.
#4 Summer Fees in 2019
I have already warned some at the ballpark, but in 2019 we have a mild bump in fees by $30.  It will be the first time fees have gone up in 8 years and is going directly to the ballpark usage fees as we are doing so instead of starting to pay gate fees at individual games as was considered by LGB.  There continues to be a sponsorship option where you can shift part or all of your fees onto a local business and there are bigger discounts for early registration and sibling and two league players.
#5 Schedule & Stuff
Team names and coaches are now listed together on the 2019 Preview Page.  There is also a Spring Schedule up now with a rough map of the year.  It will get more specific as we get closer to baseball time.  Should have up some pics of new uniforms on the main page in another week or so.
#6 The Virdon Retro Fantasy League

Our annual fantasy league is viewable all winter and spring long on the VRFL S&S tab.  Follow along and root for your favorite team, coach, or friend as they compete in our longest season that will take us right up until the start of the 2019 spring workouts.
#7 Virdon Sports Complex Update
We are thankful to Little Guys for switching to the dirt mound for the first time since 2015 at Optimist.  Hopefully there will be progress made on the dugouts for next year and plans are in the works for infield rehab at Barnhouse.  Also still looking at Hall of Fame dedications in the dugouts for next year.  If you have questions about the project or know potential donors large or small, email, call, or talk to Rob or Travis at the ballpark.

THANK YOU Website Visitors
On September 1st, 2018, we received the 375,000th hit on our mainpage. That's 25,000 hits since the beginning of June.  Thanks!!

Call Rob with any questions on the 2019 season
417-833-8788 or work 417-833-8088