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 Remembering History
*sponsored by the Kansas City Baseball Historical Society, the St. Louis Browns Historical Society,
& Play it Again Sports
As a companion piece to Romano's Bullpen, Marie Smith will give us info on players from some of our teams of the 1930's and 1950's as well as stadiums and baseball events of the eras.  Check in twice each week, learn and remember, and if you are picked out at the park and answer correctly you may win a nice prize.  

July 4th, 1939

Lou Gehrig day at Yankee Stadium.  62,000 fans came out to honor the recently retired star who's record as the Iron Man of baseball was felled by his diagnosis with ALS (commonly known now as Lou Gehrig's disease).  His address to fans has been replayed countless times and his courage in the face of his disease only made his legend that much greater.  He would pass away less than two years later at the age of 37.

 **How it Works: For Example while information is running here on Duke Snyder, a player may be randomly asked at the park to identify what team he played for or what position he played.  If he answers the question correctly he will win a prize.  
So stay up on your history.