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 The Bill Virdon Retro Fantasy League
Our longest season starts up for the fourth time in mid-October and runs until March 2020.  Team ownerships will be opened up later in the year and only cost $50 (a tax deductible donation to Little Guys Baseball).  It is a lot of fun, a great history lesson, a way to support the field, and get your baseball fix all winter on the website as games run nightly for 22+ weeks.  Ask for more info at the field and own your own classic team and set of Hall of Fame players next winter.  Draft and coach your team to the pennant and win the annual prize package!!   

Rules and Rosters 2019/2020

Rules for the 2019/2020 Season

Commissioner Sillavan will submit seven random dates between the 1st and 31st each week.  The National league teams (less the Braves, my team) will each submit a year between 1913 and 1953 each week on one of the seven days (to be assigned).  The American league teams (less the Browns) will submit a month (April to September) each of the seven days.  The combination will make a complete date in history and from there we will visit box scores.  After 11 weeks the National league teams will switch to picking months and the American league teams will pick the years.  The season runs 22 weeks total, seven days a week for a total of 154 games (the original MLB season).
There must be at least 6 teams in action in each league or we will move to the next date in the month.  If it is the final day of the month we go back to the first of that same month until we reach a day with at least six teams playing in each league.  The two remaining teams if not playing will play each other and start with a 0-0 score.  The other matchups start with the final score of their game that day.  No date will be repeated, so if we fall on a date already used we will skip to the next day.  If a double header was played, only stats from the first game played that day count.  
Any runs or RBIs by any of the seven players count for one added run.
Any win by a pitcher counts for five bonus runs.
Federal league games played in 1914 & 1915 will count for players on any of those teams.

Final scores and recaps will be listed on the VRFL Scores & Standings page and will show game scores and bonus runs in separate tallies.  There will be some ties remember as in past baseball history.  Once a team gets a second tie, they will be listed the next day as a win and a loss to keep standings easier to follow.  I will list each day the randomly generated date so owners can verify no mistakes have been made.  You can see box scores for every date on Baseball Reference.com.

General Advice:
In year four, we will be switching to separate drafts for the AL and NL with players in each draft who played primarily in those leagues during their career (with one or two exceptions).

When drafting player groups, you are looking for players who not only have large career totals in wins, RBIs, or runs, but those who supplement certain time periods where your team may be weaker.  When picking years, most owners will pick years where their teams had good records to maximize the chance of a good starting score before bonus runs are added.  You may also want to pick years where you have the most players in action.  You will never know your opponent before the day starts so there is no point in trying to play against a particular team.  

There will be an All-star game mid-season featuring league leaders with a date generated in part by the Browns and Braves ownership.

The World Series will take place during the 23rd week with all teams submitting parts of a game date except the two teams competing who will be replaced by the Browns and Braves if necessary.

Prize to Winner is two league stock caps, two custom made D-Bat wood bats (color and size), and a Championship plaque.

league standings in 2016/2017                      league standings in 2017/2018                 league standings in 2018/2019   
NL                                      AL                           NL                                   AL                       NL                        AL
Dodgers                           White Sox               Giants                            Yankees                Giants                    Yankees
Cardinals                         Tigers                      Cardinals                       Indians                  Dodgers                 Tigers
Pirates                             Red Sox                   Cubs                              Senators                Cardinals               Browns
Cubs                                Yankees                   Pirates                           Athletics                Reds                      Red Sox
Giants                              Senators                  Dodgers                         Tigers                    Pirates                   Senators
Phillies                            Athletics                  Reds                                Red Sox               Phillies                  White Sox
Braves                             Browns                    Braves                             Browns                Braves                   Indians
Reds                                Indians                    Phillies                            White Sox            Cubs                      Athletics

2019/2020 Draft Orders
 AL   1 Athletics   2 Indians   3 White Sox   4 Senators   5 Red Sox   6 Browns   7 Tigers   8 Yankees
NL   1 Cubs   2 Braves   3 Phillies   4 Pirates   5 Reds   6 Cardinals   7 Dodgers  8 Giants